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Change Slide Orientation
Change Slide Orientation
Typically, slide shows are presented horizontally in the landscape orientation; portrait orientation
is vertical, like a business letter. The landscape orientation is made to fit a monitor, widescreen
monitor, or projector screen. There are times when you may want your presentation in the portrait
orientation — possibly while you print the slide show or to show two slide shows side by side on a
screen. You can change the orientation of your presentation, though changing orientation distorts
objects on the slides; if you want to show it in the portrait orientation and have it look good, you
should change the orientation first, and then design it.
Change Slide Orientation
1 In Slide Sorter view, click
the Design tab.
2 Click Slide Size .
3 Click Custom Slide Size .
The Slide Size dialog box
4 Click Portrait .
5 Click OK.
The scaling dialog box
6 Click Ensure Fit .
The slides change to the
chosen orientation.
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