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View Slides in Grayscale
View Slides in Grayscale
There are times when you may want to view your design work in black and white or grayscale. For
example, in a presentation with a lot of color in the background, it can be easier to view slide
content in grayscale. If you plan to print the slides in grayscale, you may want to switch to grayscale
periodically during the design to see how it looks. You can view grayscale slides in Normal, Slide
Sorter, or Notes Page view.
Grayscale presents slides in shades of gray. Black and white is extreme because it uses no shading.
View Slides in Grayscale
1 In Normal view, click the
View tab.
2 Click Grayscale .
The presentation appears in
grayscale and an additional
tab called Grayscale appears.
3 Click the Grayscale tab.
4 Click an object in the
5 Click Inverse Grayscale .
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