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Enter Presentation Content in an Outline
Enter Presentation Content in an Outline
Outline view provides the easiest way to enter text into your presentation. You can build the text
for a presentation very quickly with Outline view. You build your outline by typing text and using
the Enter and Tab keys, just like any other outline. PowerPoint automatically adds slides for each
first-level item in the outline. You can watch the slide develop as you type the text. The first slide
in your outline automatically becomes the presentation’s Title slide. Additional slides use a Title and
Content slide layout automatically, although you can change the layout later.
Enter Presentation Content in an Outline
1 Start a new presentation.
Note: See Chapter 1 to learn how
to start a new presentation.
2 Click View .
3 Click Outline View .
Outline view appears.
4 Click in the Outline pane
next to the slide icon ( ).
5 Type a line of text; the text
appears on the slide as you
6 Press
A The insertion point advances to
the next line and PowerPoint
adds a second slide, a Title and
Content slide.
7 Click the Home tab.
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