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Enter Presentation Content in an Outline
Working with Outlines
8 Type a second line of text; the
text appears on the slide as
you type.
9 Press .
The insertion point moves to
the next line.
0 Press .
B The insertion point moves one
tab to the right, becoming the
first bullet on the second slide.
! Type text for the bullet item.
@ Press .
The insertion point moves to
the next line.
# Repeat Steps and to 12
add bullet items as needed.
$ Press + .
C The insertion point moves
left, a slide icon appears, and
PowerPoint adds a third slide,
a Title and Content slide.
Is there a way to enlarge the Outline pane and make the font bigger to view my outline text?
Yes. Position the mouse pointer ( ) over the border between the Outline pane and the slide pane until it
changes to the mouse splitter ( ). Click and drag the border to the right to enlarge the pane, and click and
drag to the left to make it smaller. To increase the font size of the outline, click anywhere in the Outline
pane and then click Zoom on the View tab. When the Zoom dialog box appears, select a bigger zoom
percentage and then click the OK button.
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