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Move Slides and Bullet Points in an Outline
Move Slides and Bullet Points in an Outline
As with the content of other types of documents, presentation content evolves. For example, you
may review your presentation and decide on a more logical flow for the information. A great
advantage of Outline view is the ability to move bullet points easily and text around — even from
slide to slide. You can also easily promote and demote bullet points from one level to another. You
can even rearrange slides, bullet points, and text in your presentation by dragging and dropping
them in the Outline pane.
Move Slides and Bullet Points in an Outline
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Outline View .
3 In the Outline pane, click the
Slide icon ( ) for the slide
you want to move.
4 Click and drag the Slide icon
( ) to the desired position
using the horizontal line as a
Note: You can use the Undo
button ( ) on the Quick Access
Toolbar if you make a mistake.
Note: You can also cut, copy, and
paste text in the Outline pane.
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