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Move Slides and Bullet Points in an Outline
Working with Outlines
A When you release the mouse
button, the slide content moves
to where you dragged it.
5 Click the bullet of a bullet point.
6 Click and drag the bullet item to a
new location in the bulleted list.
B When you release the mouse
button, the bullet item moves
to where you dragged it.
Note: You can use this method to
move a bullet item from one slide
to another.
Note: You can click and drag text to
select it and then drag it to another
I dragged my slide to another location and now I
have more bullet points on the slide. What
You probably dragged the slide to a spot inside
another slide. Dragging a slide into a group of bullet
points on a second slide breaks the second slide
apart and places the bottom bullet points of the
second slide on the moved slide.
Are there any other actions I can execute by
dragging bullets?
Yes. You can promote and demote bullet points in
the outline. Click and drag a bullet left or right until
the vertical line representing its outline position
reaches the desired outline level. Release the mouse
and the bullet point moves.
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