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Promote and Demote Items
Promote and Demote Items
As you build and reorganize presentation content, you may need to move bullet points, or possibly
slides, in the outline so that they become lower-level bullet points, a method called demoting .
Conversely, you can move lower-level bullet points to become higher-level bullet points or even slides,
which is called promoting . Changing the levels of bullet points and slides is cumbersome if you are
working on the actual slide. You can save a lot of time and effort using the Outline pane, where you
can easily promote and demote items with keystrokes and command button clicks on the ribbon.
Promote and Demote Items
1 In Outline View, click the
Home tab.
Note: See Chapter 2 to learn how
to switch views.
2 Click anywhere in a bullet point.
3 Click the Demote button ( ).
Note: Alternatively, you can press
A The bullet point moves to the
right, down one level in the
outline hierarchy.
4 Click and drag across bullet
points to select them.
Note: You can click and drag across
bullet points at different hierarchy
levels to perform this task.
5 Click the Promote button (
Note: Alternatively, you can press
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