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Collapse and Expand an Outline
Collapse and Expand an Outline
With a lengthy presentation, you can sometimes work more effectively if you collapse an outline so
you see only slide titles and expand only certain slides to look at the details on them. Collapsing
parts of the outline helps you to easily scroll through the presentation and identify outline items
quickly. For example, you may want to collapse the slides that you are finished designing and expand
the slides that still need work. You can collapse and expand any part or all of the outline. You can
collapse or expand multiple slides. Simply select multiple slides before performing these steps.
Collapse and Expand an Outline
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Outline View .
3 Right-click any text within a
The submenu appears.
4 Click Collapse .
A Click Collapse All to collapse
all slides in the presentation.
PowerPoint collapses all
details and displays a wavy
line under the slide title.
5 Right-click a collapsed slide
6 Click Expand .
B Click Expand All to expand
all slides in the presentation.
The slide details reappear.
Note: You can also double-click
the Slide icon ( ) to collapse
or expand slide details.
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