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Edit Outline Content
Edit Outline Content
Rarely does a first draft become a final presentation. You can edit the text in your presentation to
make it as professional as possible. You typically want to change your presentation text to polish
it, or fix typos and other errors. Many times a second read or proofread produces ideas to improve
the wording. For example, maybe you need to update a favorite presentation because it has become
outdated. Editing an outline is much like editing text anywhere else in PowerPoint, or in any other
application for that matter.
Edit Outline Content
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Outline View .
3 Click the point where you
want to add or delete text.
4 Type to add text, or press
delete the text.
A The outline reflects the
changes you made.
5 Click the bullet for any bullet
point to select the entire
bullet point.
Note: You can also click a Slide
icon (
) to select an entire
6 Press
PowerPoint deletes the entire
bullet point or slide.
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