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Insert Slides from an Outline
Working with Outlines
PowerPoint shows all file
types that can hold an
outline, such as Word files
(.docx), text files (.txt), and
rich text files (.rtf).
7 Click the folder that holds
the outline file you want to
8 Click the outline file.
9 Click Open .
The new presentation
appears in Outline view.
All of the content in my Microsoft Word outline
became slides. What went wrong?
The outline is not in the proper format. The outline
needs to be created with the Outline view in Word,
which is very similar to typing an outline in
PowerPoint. If you need an outline in both Word and
PowerPoint, you can create it in either application
and export it to the other application.
How does PowerPoint know where to start each
Each top-level heading in the imported outline
becomes the title for a new slide — just like a
PowerPoint outline. So, be sure to review the outline
before importing it. Make sure each slide title is at
the top level in the outline.
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