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Apply a Theme to a Section
Apply a Theme to a Section
It is common to change topics during a presentation. For example, a person teaching a class about
Microsoft Office changes topics when moving from teaching PowerPoint to teaching Excel. If you
change topics, you might want to alter the mood to one that is more appropriate for the new topic.
You can apply themes to sections of a presentation. Doing so gives each section a look and feel that
is consistent with the others, yet makes it obvious that that particular section of your presentation
is dedicated to a specific topic. You can change the theme in either Normal or Slide Sorter view.
Apply a Theme to a Section
1 In Slide Sorter view, click
a section heading.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click the Themes down
arrow ( ).
The gallery of themes
4 Click a theme.
A PowerPoint applies the
theme to all slides in the
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