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Change Theme Colors
Change Theme Colors
Each theme includes a color scheme. You can add variety or emphasize certain slides by changing
the color scheme of only those particular slides. You can also change the color scheme of an
entire presentation or a section of a presentation. When you alter the color scheme, the other
aspects of the theme, such as placeholder position and background objects, stay the same — only
the colors change. You can change the color scheme in Normal view or Slide Sorter view.
Change Theme Colors
1 In Slide Sorter view, click a
slide or slides.
Note: To select multiple slides,
click the first slide, and then
press while clicking
additional slides.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Right-click a color scheme
from the Variants gallery.
4 Click Apply to Selected
Slides .
PowerPoint applies the color
scheme to the slides you
5 Select a slide designed with
the theme you want to
6 Right-click a color scheme
from the Variants gallery.
7 Click Apply to Matching
Slides .
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