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Change Theme Colors
Using Themes
PowerPoint applies the color
scheme to all slides whose
theme matches the selected
8 Right-click a color scheme
from the Variants gallery.
9 Click Apply to All Slides .
PowerPoint applies the
selected color scheme to all
slides in the presentation.
Is changing the background color of the theme different than changing the color scheme of the theme?
Yes. When you change the color scheme, it changes the colors of the background plus all of the geometric
shapes on the slide, including charts and tables; when you format the background and change its color, it
changes only the background and not the geometric shapes. Objects such as pictures and clip art are not
affected by either type of change. You can change the background and foreground of objects such as clip art
and pictures by formatting them. Some backgrounds are complicated, and changing the color of a complicated
background produces a similar effect to changing the color scheme.
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