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Modify the Background
Using Themes
8 Click Gradient fill (
PowerPoint applies a preset
gradient to the background.
B You can adjust gradient options
to change the direction and
gradient type.
C You fine-tune the gradient by
adjusting its characteristics,
such as brightness and
9 Click Pattern fill (
to ).
0 Click a pattern from the gallery.
PowerPoint applies the
background pattern to the
selected slides.
In PowerPoint 2010 I could change the font
scheme. Can I still do that?
No, you can no longer change the font scheme as
part of the theme. In past PowerPoint versions, you
could change the font scheme in the theme or the
master slides — both accomplished the same result.
In PowerPoint 2013, you can only change the font
scheme in the master slides.
Why does PowerPoint give me a pattern as soon
as I click the Pattern fill option?
PowerPoint applies a preset pattern when you click
the Pattern fill option. You can either select a
different pattern version, or you can click the Solid
fill option to get rid of the pattern.
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