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Apply a Texture or Picture Background
Apply a Texture or Picture Background
If you really want to make a slide more dramatic, you can push design limits by using either
a texture or a digital picture as a background. For example, you can use a digital photo of a
landscape and sunrise for a slide introducing a new idea. Typically, you would not do this for an
entire set of slides because a complicated background makes a slide difficult to read and can be hard
on the audience’s eyes. You can add a picture to the background of a slide in either Slide Sorter or
Normal view.
Apply a Texture or Picture Background
1 Select the slide(s) to which you
want to add a background in
Slide Sorter view.
Note: To select multiple slides,
click the first slide, and then press
while clicking additional
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Format Background .
The Format Background pane
4 Click the Fill icon ( ).
5 Click Picture or texture fill
changes to
The slide fills with a preset
A Click the Texture button (
to apply a texture to the
6 Click File .
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