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Save a Template
Using Themes
A This is the default folder
location for themes and
Note: It is best not to change this
folder location. Your templates
appear in the templates gallery
because they are in this folder
location, which is the same as the
theme folder location.
7 Type a filename.
8 Click Save .
PowerPoint saves the
presentation as a template.
9 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
0 Click New .
! Click Custom .
B Your template appears in the
Custom template gallery.
Note: You may need to close and
open PowerPoint for the template to
appear in the Custom template list.
What is the difference between using a template and using a regular presentation as a template?
A PowerPoint presentation has a .pptx file extension and a template has a .potx file extension. If a
template (.potx) is in the Template folder, it appears in the template list — you simply click it and
PowerPoint creates a new presentation from a copy of the template. If you double-click a presentation
(.pptx) in Windows Explorer or on your Desktop, it opens. If you double-click a template (.potx), it creates
and opens a copy of itself. The original is protected from unintentional changes because it does not open.
To change a template (.potx), you must open it through the Open dialog box.
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