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Understanding Slide Master Elements
Understanding Slide Master Elements
Y ou can use the Master Slides to create global design settings for your slides. The Slide Master
and Layout Masters contain placeholders where you can format text. They also contain various
placeholders for footer information, slide numbers, and a date. Any change to a Layout Master is
applied to any presentation slide that has its corresponding layout. When you make a formatting
change to a placeholder on the Slide Master, PowerPoint applies that change to any corresponding
placeholder anywhere in the presentation. One change can affect many slides, but only for the theme
associated with the Master Slide you are changing.
A Slide Master
The Slide Master is
connected to its related
Layout Masters with a
dotted line. The Slide
Thumbnails pane shows
one set of Master Slides
for each theme.
B Layout Masters
Layout Masters represent
the various slide layouts
that you can insert into a
presentation, such as the
Title and Content layouts.
Changes on a Layout
Master affect only those
presentation slides with
the layout of that
particular master.
C Slide Master Tab
Use the Slide Master tab to change
Master Slides — you can design
the background of masters, change
or insert placeholders, and change
theme colors and font schemes.
D Placeholders
You can format an entire
placeholder, some of its text, or
each bullet point individually by
selecting a particular bullet point
before formatting.
E Footer, Date, and Slide
The Date placeholder positions
the date on slides; the Page (#)
placeholder provides page
numbers on slides; the Footer
placeholder provides a footer on
the slides.
F Dependency on a Master
Position the mouse pointer ( )
over any slide in the Slide Master
view and a ScreenTip shows you
which presentation slides use that
Layout Master design.
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