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Open and Close Slide Master View
Open and Close Slide Master View
You work with the Slide Master and Layout Masters in Slide Master view. Opening Slide Master view
automatically displays the Slide Master tab for working with the set of Master Slides. This tab
was created to help you design the Master Slides, but you can also use the other tabs on the ribbon.
After you make changes to the Master Slides and close Slide Master view, PowerPoint redisplays
whatever view you had open previously — Normal view, Slide Sorter view, or Notes Page view. Global
changes to presentation slides due to changes in Master Slides are reflected there.
Open and Close Slide Master View
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Slide Master .
Slide Master view and the Slide
Master tab appear.
3 Click the Slide Master tab.
4 Click Close Master View .
Slide Master view closes and
PowerPoint restores the
previous presentation
design view.
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