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Remove a Placeholder
Remove a Placeholder
The Layout Masters contain placeholders for the slide title, text or graphic content, date, footer,
and slide numbers. If you are not using a particular placeholder, you can remove it from the
Layout Masters.
Deleting a placeholder from the Slide Master at the top of the Slides Thumbnail pane does not delete
it from the Layout Masters, though formatting changes that you make to placeholders on the Slide
Master do affect the formatting of associated presentation slides.
Remove a Placeholder
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master
view, see the section, “Open and
Close Slide Master View.”
2 Click the Layout Master that
contains the placeholder you
want to remove.
3 Click the border of the
placeholder to select it.
4 Press
A PowerPoint deletes the
Note: If you delete a placeholder
from a Layout Master, PowerPoint
does not delete the placeholder
from existing presentation slides.
Slides inserted in the presentation
after you make this deletion from
the Layout Master will not contain
the placeholder.
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