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Insert a Placeholder
Insert a Placeholder
Sometimes the slide layouts that are available to you are not quite right. You may need to add a
placeholder to a Layout Master to create a slide layout that suits your needs. You can insert a new
placeholder in any Layout Master in Slide Master view. This saves time because you do not have to
add the placeholder to every presentation slide that needs one. You can insert placeholders for text
or content, plus other types of placeholders like picture or chart placeholders. You can also resize,
reposition, or reformat any placeholder at any time.
Insert a Placeholder
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master
view, see the section, “Open and
Close Slide Master View.”
2 Click a Layout Master.
3 Click the Insert Placeholder
down arrow ( ).
4 Click a placeholder type.
The crosshair pointer (
5 Click where you want the
upper-left corner of the
placeholder and drag across
the slide to where you want
the lower-right corner of the
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