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Insert a Placeholder
Using Masters
A When you release the mouse
button, the placeholder
6 With the new placeholder still
selected, click the Home tab.
7 Use the tools on the Home tab
to format the placeholder.
8 Click outside the placeholder
when finished.
Is there an easy way to reinstate a placeholder that I deleted from the Slide Master?
Yes. Click the Slide Master thumbnail in Slide Master view. The Slide Master is the top slide in the Slide
Thumbnails pane — it is the first slide in the set of Master Slides. Click the Master Layout button of the
Master Layout group on the Slide Master tab. In the Master Layout dialog box, click the check box for the
deleted placeholder ( changes to ) and then click OK. PowerPoint reinstates the placeholder. You may
notice that you can also control the footer, date, and slide number placeholders in the dialog box.
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