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Add a Footer
Add a Footer
The Slide Masters have placeholders for footers that you can use to show information such as your
company name on slides. You can move the footer anywhere on the Master Slide. To save time,
you can add a footer to a single Master Slide instead of individual presentation slides.
If you add a footer to the Slide Master, it appears on all slides. If you add a footer to a Layout
Master, it appears only on presentation slides with that layout. You can also use footers in the
Handout Master and Notes Master.
Add a Footer
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master view, see
the section, “Open and Close Slide
Master View.”
2 Click the Slide Master or one of the
Layout Masters.
3 Click the Insert tab.
4 Click Header & Footer .
The Header and Footer dialog
box appears.
5 Click Footer (
changes to
6 Type your information in the
text box.
7 Click Apply .
A You can click Apply to All to add
the footer to the entire set of
Master Slides.
Note: Adding the footer to the entire
set of Master Slides also applies the
footer to all presentation slides.
B The footer appears on the Layout
Master and any presentation slides
that share its layout.
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