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Insert a Graphic in Slide Master View
Insert a Graphic in Slide Master View
You can use Slide Master view to insert a graphic or picture that appears on every slide. For
example, your organization or company might want its logo on all slides for professionalism and
consistency. You can place a graphic or picture on every slide of your presentation by inserting a
single graphic in the Slide Master.
If you insert a graphic on the Slide Master, it appears on all slides. If you insert a graphic on a
Layout Master, it appears only on presentation slides with that layout.
Insert a Graphic in Slide Master View
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master
view, see the section, “Open and
Close Slide Master View.”
2 Click the Slide Master.
3 Click the Insert tab.
4 Click Pictures .
The Insert Picture dialog box
5 Click the folder that contains
the image file you want to
6 Click the image file.
7 Click Insert .
A The dialog box closes and the
image appears on the Slide
Master, where you can move
and resize it as needed. It
also appears on all slides.
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