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Work with Multiple Masters
Work with Multiple Masters
You may decide to use a few different looks in your presentation. For example, you may have a
theme for your morning session and one for the afternoon session of an all-day presentation.
You may decide to use different themes for visual differentiation between sections, yet you want
consistency for the slides within each section. When you apply a theme to your presentation,
PowerPoint automatically creates a set of Master Slides with that theme. If you apply more than one
theme to your presentation, you then have multiple sets of Master Slides — one for each theme.
Occurrence of Multiple Masters
When you apply more than one theme within a
single presentation, PowerPoint creates a set of
Master Slides for each theme. Each set of Master
Slides has a Slide Master, plus one Layout Master
for each slide layout that you see in the slide
gallery, which you see when you insert a slide.
Masters are based on themes, so you cannot switch
the theme of a set of Master Slides, though you can
create a new blank set of Master Slides and design
it from scratch. This enables you to save the theme
so you can use it later.
Themes with Multiple Masters
If you use multiple themes (and therefore multiple
masters), make sure the themes are complementary.
You can do this by selecting slide designs with
similar color themes and fonts, plus graphics and
backgrounds that work well together. Although you
can, you would not typically mix and match themes
throughout your presentation; you should apply a
theme to a particular section. You can learn how to
create sections in a presentation in Chapter 6.
When you have sections in your presentation,
PowerPoint applies a change in theme to the
selected section, not the entire presentation.
Multiple Masters and Slides
If your presentation has multiple masters, you can
apply the different master designs to presentation
slides by layout and theme. When you insert a
slide, you find each theme in the slide gallery.
Grouped within each theme, you find the various
slide layouts — one for each Layout Master in the
Master Slides. For example, if you use three themes
in your presentation, you have three Title and
Content Layout Masters, one for each theme and all
independent of each other. If you change the Title
and Content Layout Master of one theme, it does
not affect the Title and Content Layout Masters of
the other themes.
Masters are Independent
If you change the Layout Master of one set of Master
Slides, this change does not affect the same layout
on another set of Master Slides. Changes to your
Layout Masters are automatically applied and only
appear on corresponding presentation slides —
those changes only affect the presentation slides
with that particular slide layout and theme
combination. This means you can change a slide
layout for any particular theme without affecting
any other Layout Masters with the same layout,
but a different theme. To make a universal change
for a particular slide layout, you must change each
Layout Master for that slide layout in each set of
Master Slides.
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