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Insert a New Blank Master
Insert a New Blank Master
If you cannot find a presentation template that you like, or you need a very specific and unique
look, you can create your own set of Master Slides with its own theme. You can insert a blank set
of Master Slides and customize it in Slide Master view. You can then format the text in placeholders,
change the background, add graphics, and so on. Chapter 4 tells you how to format text, and Chapter
10 provides information on working with graphics. By changing various elements, you can create a
unique master design.
Insert a New Blank Master
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master
view, see the section, “Open and
Close Slide Master View.”
2 Click Insert Slide Master .
A new set of Master Slides
A PowerPoint numbers each
B You can apply an existing
theme to the new set of
Master Slides by clicking the
Themes button and selecting
a theme from the gallery.
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