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Preserve Master Slides
Preserve Master Slides
When you preserve a set of Master Slides, this means that it will not automatically be deleted
from a presentation. If you do not preserve it, PowerPoint removes a set of Master Slides if you
delete all of the presentation slides that use it. PowerPoint automatically preserves all Master Slides.
If a set of Master Slides is not preserved, you can preserve it to avoid its automatic removal. That
way, you can use it for future presentation slides. You can also unpreserve a set of Master Slides. You
can manually delete a set of Master Slides in Slide Master view even if it is preserved.
Preserve Master Slides
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master
view, see the section, “Open and
Close Slide Master View.”
2 Click the Slide Master you
want to preserve.
Note: You must click a Slide
Master, not a Layout Master.
3 Click Preserve .
A PowerPoint preserves the
master and a Preserve icon
( ) appears on the Slide
Master thumbnail.
B The Preserve toggle button
becomes highlighted.
Note: To reverse the process,
perform Steps to again so 3
the Preserve button is no longer
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