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Rename Master Slides
Rename Master Slides
If you insert a blank set of Master Slides, PowerPoint automatically gives it a default name, but
you can apply a more descriptive name. For example, if you designed a set of Master Slides with
colorful, geometric shapes, you might rename it Deco so the name is easy to remember when you
want to refer to it. Giving the Master Slides your own descriptive name makes it easier to select the
correct Master Slides when you apply a layout to a slide.
Rename Master Slides
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master view,
see the section, “Open and Close
Slide Master View.”
2 Click the Slide Master you want
to rename.
Note: You must click a Slide Master,
not a Layout Master.
3 Click Rename .
The Rename Layout dialog box
4 Type a name.
5 Click Rename .
The dialog box closes, and
PowerPoint renames the Master
A You can position the mouse
pointer ( ) over the Slide Master
thumbnail to see a ScreenTip
with the new name.
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