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Work with the Notes Master
Using Masters
This example resizes the
Notes text placeholder, and
moves the page number
placeholder to the bottom.
5 Click any placeholder border
to select it.
6 Click the Home tab.
7 Click the Italic button ( ).
8 Type into the Font Size 30
text box.
B You can select a bullet point
to format an individual
C You can click the Drawing
Tools Format tab to display
other formatting options.
9 Click the Notes Master tab.
0 Click Close Master View .
Notes Master view closes.
Is there a way to print just notes, and not slides?
Yes. If you remove the slide placeholder from the
Notes Master, the slide images still appear on Notes
Page view. You must display Notes Page view, go
to each individual page, and delete the slide
placeholder. Then the notes print without the slides.
Can I format the font for the header, footer, date,
and page number?
Yes. You can format the header, footer, date, and
page number placeholders just like any other
placeholder. Click the border of the placeholder, and
then use commands from the Home tab to format
the text or the placeholder.
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