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Work with the Handout Master
Work with the Handout Master
Sometimes you may not have notes to print, but you still want to give your audience a handout
to take notes. Handouts are printouts of the slides in your presentation and they are printed
in Backstage view. Handout Master view determines what is printed on the handouts. You cannot
move or resize the slide placeholders, but you can move, resize, and format the font of the other
placeholders to control the appearance of your printed handouts. Any formatting you do on the
Handout Master appears in the Handout printout.
Work with the Handout Master
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Handout Master .
Handout Master view and the
Handout Master tab appear.
A You can click options to add (
or remove ( ) placeholders.
B You can click Fonts to change
the font style of all text
placeholders on the page.
Note: You can click commands on
the Home tab to format individual
3 Click Close Master View .
Handout Master view closes.
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