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Omit Master Graphics on a Slide
Omit Master Graphics on a Slide
Inserting a graphic on the Slide Master applies that graphic to all presentation slides; inserting
a graphic on a Layout Master causes that graphic to appear on corresponding presentation
slides. You can prevent a Slide Master graphic from appearing on individual presentation slides. For
example, you may need to remove a graphic from a specific presentation slide because the graphic
overlaps with other objects, such as a table or chart. You may also need to remove a graphic from
certain slides because it simply does not apply to those slides.
Omit Master Graphics on a Slide
1 Select the slide(s) you want
to change in Normal or Slide
Sorter view.
Note: To select multiple slides, click
the first slide, and then press
while clicking additional slides.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Format Background .
The Format Background task pane
4 Click Hide Background Graphics
changes to
The master graphics disappear
from the slide.
5 Click the Close button ( ) to
close the Format Background
task pane.
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