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Create a Custom Slide Layout
Create a Custom Slide Layout
There may be times when you need a slide with a unique layout. For example, you may want to
compare three items, but there is no slide layout with three content placeholders. You can work
in Slide Master view to add a new slide layout to the set of Master Slides. This saves time because
you do not need to insert additional placeholders into individual slides. You create your custom slide
layout with three content placeholders, then insert new slides with the custom layout, or apply the
custom layout to existing slides in your presentation.
Create a Custom Slide Layout
1 Display Slide Master view.
Note: To display Slide Master view,
see the section, “Open and Close
Slide Master View.”
2 Click in between the
thumbnails where you want to
insert the new slide layout.
3 Click Insert Layout .
A A new Layout Master appears
as a thumbnail.
4 Click Insert Placeholder .
5 Click and drag across the slide
where you want the
Note: See “Insert a Placeholder”
earlier in this chapter.
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