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Create a Custom Slide Layout
Using Masters
The placeholder appears.
You can move, format, and resize
the placeholder as needed.
6 Click Close Master View when
Slide Master view closes.
7 Click the Home tab.
8 Click the New Slide down
arrow (
The gallery of layouts appears.
B Your custom layout appears in
the gallery.
Can I assign a unique name to my custom Layout
Yes. Your custom Layout Master works just like any
other Layout Master. See “Rename Master Slides”
earlier in this chapter to learn how to rename your
custom Layout Master. Try to give it a name that
uniquely identifies it so you can quickly find it when
you insert a slide.
Can I change the background for my custom slide
Yes. You cannot change the theme, but you can
change the background. Click your custom Layout
Master. You can click commands such as Colors and
Effects in the Background group on the Slide Master
tab to make background changes. See Chapter 8 for
more on changing backgrounds of slides.
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