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Select Objects
Select Objects
You will often need to format or reposition slide objects such as shapes or pictures. To change an
object on a slide, you must first select it. When you click the border of an object to select the
entire object, the border becomes solid; when you click the text within an object to select the text,
the border becomes a dashed outline. You can also select objects in the Selection pane where you
can hide objects, too.
You must select an entire object to format or reposition it. You can format specific text by selecting
only that text.
Select Objects
1 Select a slide in Normal view.
Note: To learn how to select a slide,
see Chapter 2.
2 Click the text within an object.
The insertion point appears
within the text and the border
becomes a dashed outline.
Note: You can learn how to select
text in Chapter 4.
A The object’s contextual tab
appears on the ribbon.
3 Click the border of the object.
PowerPoint selects the entire
object and the border becomes
4 Press while you click
additional objects (
to ).
Note: You can also select multiple
objects by clicking and dragging on
the slide around them.
5 Click the Home tab.
6 Click Select .
7 Click Selection Pane .
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