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Select Objects
Adding Graphics and Drawings
The Selection pane appears.
An item appears in the Selection
pane for every shape and
placeholder on the slide.
An object is selected or
highlighted in the Selection pane
if you select it on the slide.
8 Click the eye icon ( changes
to ) to hide an object.
9 Click an item in the list.
PowerPoint hides and selects the
B You can click the dash icon
( ) to expose a hidden object.
Note: You can select multiple objects
in the Selection pane by pressing
while clicking them.
Can I change the names that PowerPoint gave my
Yes. You can change their names in the Selection
pane. Click the name that you want to change, then
double-click it. When the insertion point appears
in the text, delete the name that PowerPoint has
assigned. Type the name that you want and
I unintentionally clicked a shape while selecting
multiple shapes. Can I deselect it without
starting all over?
Yes. That can also happen when you click and drag
around a group of objects on a slide — you may get
one that you do not want as part of the selected
group. Press while clicking a shape that is part
of the selected objects and it becomes deselected.
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