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Resize Objects
Resize Objects
After placing an object on a slide, you will often want to resize it. For example, when you insert a
picture, it may be too small for your audience to see, or it may be bigger than the slide. You can
resize objects such as charts, WordArt, pictures, and shapes on your slide to optimize their visual impact.
When you select an object, handles appear on the border. You click and drag a handle to resize the
object. Dragging a corner handle while pressing the Shift key retains the object’s original proportions.
Resize Objects
1 Click an object to select it.
A Handles appear on the border
around the object.
2 Position the mouse pointer
( ) over a handle on the
border of the object
changes to
3 Click and drag outward from the
object’s center to enlarge it or
inward to shrink it (the
doublearrow pointer
changes to a
crosshair pointer
When you release the mouse
button, the object appears at
its new size.
4 Click anywhere outside the
object when finished.
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