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Introducing PowerPoint
Introducing PowerPoint
With PowerPoint, you can create a professional-looking slide show. The PowerPoint program
provides tools you can use to build presentations that include graphics, media, animations, and
an assortment of ways to transition from slide to slide. It provides various views and user interfaces
to suit your particular needs. These PowerPoint tools enable you to design and build a quality
presentation. Many tasks start in Backstage view. To access this view, click the File tab on the ribbon.
Build an Outline
You can type text in outline form to build slides for your presentation. In
the Outline view, an icon represents each slide, and each slide contains a
slide title next to the icon. Second-level lines of text on the outline
appear as bullet points on the slide. These bullets convey the main points
you want to make about each topic.
Choose a Slide Design and Layout
A slide design applies preset design elements such as colors, background graphics,
and text styles to a slide. A particular slide layout applied to a slide determines
what type of information that slide includes. For example, a Title Slide layout has
a title and subtitle. A Title and Content layout includes a title, plus a placeholder
that holds a list of bullet points, a table, or other graphic elements.
Add Content
You can add content such as text, charts, and pictures to the slide in the
Slide pane of Normal view. You can also insert text boxes that enable you
to add slide text that does not appear in the presentation outline.
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