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Change Object Order
Change Object Order
When you work with multiple objects, you may want to stack them in layers so that they overlap
as objects do in real life; or you may want to overlap them to create a special effect or make
them appear three dimensional. For example, if you want to create a shadow effect for an object, the
shape that you use as the shadow must be behind that object. Controlling which object appears in
front of another object is called ordering . PowerPoint includes a feature that makes ordering objects
easy and fast.
Change Object Order
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Select .
3 Click Selection Pane .
The Selection pane appears.
4 Select an object behind other
5 Click the Bring Forward
button ( ).
The object moves in front of
the other objects.
A You can click the Send
Backward button ( ) to
send an object behind the
other objects.
6 Click outside the object when
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