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Group and Ungroup Objects
Group and Ungroup Objects
You may create a set of objects that you want to move or format as a unit. For example, you
may draw a car using ovals and lines. After assembling the car, you need not move its pieces
individually. You can group the objects so that the collection of objects acts as a single object. After
grouping objects, changes you make then apply to all the objects in the group, whether you reposition,
resize, or format them. Grouping allows you to save time by applying changes to multiple objects.
Group and Ungroup Objects
1 Select multiple objects.
Note: See the section, “Select
Objects,” to learn how to select
multiple objects.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
3 Click the Group button (
4 Click Group .
A A single selection box appears
around the grouped objects.
The group appears in the
Selection pane.
5 If not selected, select the
grouped objects.
6 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
7 Click the Group button (
8 Click Ungroup .
The objects ungroup.
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