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Merge Shapes
Merge Shapes
You can make your presentation more interesting by creating and using your own shapes by
merging two or more shapes together. For example, you may need a shape that is a circle with a
star cut out of the center to frame a person’s picture. You can also fragment multiple shapes for a
puzzle effect. You can even merge a variety of slide objects — standard geometric shapes, pictures,
and clip art. After merging shapes, the new shape works just like any other distinct shape on a slide.
You need at least one geometric shape to merge shapes.
Merge Shapes
1 Insert and overlap multiple shapes
similar to the example.
Note: To insert a shape, see the section,
“Draw a Shape.”
Note: Some shapes in the example are
transparent so you can see each shape
2 Click two overlapping shapes while
pressing .
3 Click the Drawing Tools Format tab.
4 Click the Merge Shapes button (
5 Click Subtract .
The shapes subtract.
Note: The order in which you select the
shapes is important — the first shape
that you click remains.
6 Click the picture.
7 Click the shape while pressing .
8 Click the Drawing Tools Format tab.
9 Click the Merge Shape button (
0 Click Intersect .
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