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Merge Shapes
Adding Graphics and Drawings
The area where the two
shapes intersect remains.
! Click two overlapping shapes
while pressing .
@ Click the Drawing Tools
Format tab.
# Click the Merge Shape
button ( ).
$ Click Union .
The shapes become a new
A The border extends around
the entire shape.
Note: You can click and drag on
the slide around multiple shapes
to select them.
I saw a nice effect where characters were made from a
picture. Can I create that?
Yes. Insert your picture and type your characters into a placeholder
or WordArt. Place the characters over the picture. Format the
characters the way you want them — you cannot format after the
merge because the characters become a shape. Click the picture
first and then click the words while pressing
I want everything except where my
two shapes overlap. Can I do that?
Yes. You can combine the shapes. Click
the Merge Shapes button ( ) and
then click Combine . Combine is the
opposite of intersect — it removes
the intersection from the overlapping
. Click the Merge
Shapes button (
) and then click Intersect .
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