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Insert Clip Art
Insert Clip Art
Clip art can be interesting drawings, silhouettes, cartoons, caricatures, and other representations.
Photographs are not clip art and the clip art files are usually much smaller than photographs. You
can add clip art to slides to make them interesting and engaging. Clip art is usually easier for an
audience to see because it lacks the detail of a picture. You can search for clip art by keyword with
the online feature in PowerPoint or you can insert your own clip art from your computer. You can
insert clip art anywhere on your slide without using a content placeholder, which gives you complete
flexibility with how you use it.
Insert Clip Art
1 Select a slide in Normal view.
Note: To learn how to select a
slide, see Chapter 2.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Online Pictures .
The Insert Pictures dialog
box appears.
4 Type a keyword or phrase in
the Clip Art text
box or the Bing Image
Search text box.
5 Click the Search icon (
A You can click the Close
button (
) to cancel.
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