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Insert Clip Art
Adding Graphics and Drawings
6 Click and drag the scroll bar
to scroll through and view
the images.
7 Click an image from the
8 Click Insert .
The clip art appears on the
Note: See the sections, “Move
Objects” and “Resize Objects,” to
learn how to position and size
the clip art.
Can I search the entire Internet for clip art?
Yes. First, try the Bing Image search feature. If
unsuccessful, Search the web with your browser and
save an image to your computer. Then click Pictures
on the Insert tab and use the Insert Picture dialog
box to browse to your saved clip art.
What happens if I insert a sound clip instead of
clip art?
When you insert a sound clip on a slide, a small
megaphone icon appears on the slide. You can set
the sound clip so the sound plays automatically or
only when you click the icon. See Chapter 12 for
more about inserting sound and movie clips.
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