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Add Text to a Shape
Add Text to a Shape
If you think that a plain text box lacks pizzazz, you can create a jazzier text box by adding text to a
shape. For example, you can use an arrow with text in it to describe something on your slide. The
text appears within the shape, and the shape effectively becomes a fancy text box. You lose a little
versatility using shapes with text because shapes lack some of the automation that text boxes have.
For example, they do not automatically enlarge or shrink based upon the amount of text you type.
Add Text to a Shape
1 Right-click the shape in which
you want to add text.
2 Click Edit Text .
The insertion point appears
inside the shape.
3 Type your text.
4 Click anywhere outside the shape
when finished.
The text appears in the shape.
Note: If the text you type exceeds the
width of the shape, PowerPoint
continues the text on the next line
automatically. You can force a new line
by pressing
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