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Add WordArt
Adding Graphics and Drawings
This example creates the text,
“Perception is Everything.”
As you type, the WordArt
automatically sizes itself.
6 Click the Drawing Tools Format tab.
7 Click the Text Effects button (
8 Click Transform .
The Transform gallery appears.
9 Click a variation from the gallery.
PowerPoint applies the special
effect to the WordArt.
0 Resize the WordArt as needed to
distort the effect.
! Drag the pink handles on or inside
the WordArt border to change the
distortion of the effect.
Note: There may be multiple pink
You can use other tools on the
Drawing Tools Format tab to format
the WordArt.
@ Click outside the object when
I created a WordArt object, but then realized it
contains a typo. Is there any way to change it?
Yes. Click the object just like any text box or
placeholder. The insertion point appears within the
text of the WordArt so that you can make the
necessary changes.
How do I change the style and color of the
Click the WordArt object, and then click the Drawing
Tools Format tab when it appears. Click the WordArt
Styles down arrow ( ). When the WordArt gallery
appears, choose a WordArt style.
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