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Introducing PowerPoint
Starting with PowerPoint Basics
Work with Masters
A set of slide designs and a slide theme combine to create a set of
master slides. Masters enable you to add content that you want to appear
in a particular location on slides. This saves you from having to add
repeating content, such as your company logo, to each slide. For
example, you can set up the master so an identical footer appears on
every slide.
Organize Slides
After creating several slides, you may need to reorganize them to
create the proper sequence for your presentation. You can reorder
slides in Slide Sorter view. This view shows slide thumbnails that
you can move, delete, duplicate, or hide. You can also perform
these actions on the Slides Thumbnail pane in Normal view.
Set Up Your Show
You can add narration, animations, and transitions to your slides. You
can record a narration that plays when you give your presentation.
Use animation to move an element on-screen, such as a ball bouncing
onto the screen. Transitions control how a new slide appears
onscreen — for example, a slide can fade in over the previous slide.
Run a Slide Show
After you add the content, choose slide designs, and add special effects,
you are ready to run your slide show presentation. Tools appear on-screen
during the slide show — they help you control your presentation and
even enable you to make annotations on your slides as you present them.
Presenter view shows your notes and provides a timer to ensure that your
presentation is flawless.
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