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Add a Text Box
Add a Text Box
You can add a text box anywhere on a slide, which allows you to have almost unlimited versatility
with text. A text box is more flexible than a placeholder because it does not automatically
produce a bulleted list and it does not become part of the outline in Outline view. A text box is great
for freeform text and automatically enlarges, shrinks, and wraps text, depending on the amount of
text you type. Keep in mind that text box contents do not appear in Outline view.
Add a Text Box
1 Select a slide in Normal view.
Note: To learn how to select a slide,
see Chapter 2.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Text Box .
The mouse pointer ( ) changes
to the Text box insertion ( ).
4 Click where you want to place
the upper-left corner of the text.
The text box appears with an
insertion point inside.
5 Type your text.
6 Click anywhere outside the text
box when finished.
Note: You can adjust the text box
width; the height adjusts
automatically based on the amount
of text you type. You can also move
the text box anywhere. For more
information, see the sections,
“Resize Objects” and “Move Objects.”
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