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Apply a New Effect
Apply a New Effect
Occasionally, you may want to give an object a special effect to make the object vivid or dramatic.
You can use shape effects to add dimension and realism to the object’s appearance. For example,
you can apply a reflection effect that gives the appearance of the object reflecting in a lake. You can
also give an object a soft, blurred border, or give it a shadow or glow. When you select an object,
the contextual Format tab that appears on the ribbon provides you with many tools to apply effects
and formatting to the object.
Apply a New Effect
1 Click an object to select it.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
3 Click Picture Effects .
Note: For a shape, you would click
Shape Effects .
4 Click a Picture Effect.
This example selects the
Reflection effect.
5 Click a variation of the effect.
This example selects a reflection
A PowerPoint applies the special
effect to the object.
6 Click anywhere outside the
object when finished.
Note: You can also apply special
effects from the Home tab.
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