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Format Objects
Format Objects
You can adjust the formatting of an object to make it more visually appealing or easier to see
against a slide background. For example, you can add a fill color, modify the font, change the
thickness or color of lines, and modify arrow styles. Details and fine-tuning such as object formatting
make your presentation pop — you can produce objects very specific to your needs and adjust the
colors of objects to look good against the background of the slide and other objects on the slide.
Format Objects
1 Click the object to format.
The object’s contextual tab
Note: You can learn how to select
and format text in Chapter 4.
2 Click the Drawing Tools
Format tab.
3 Click the Shape Styles down
arrow ( ).
4 Click a color scheme from the
The color scheme changes.
5 Click Shape Fill to change the
color of the object.
6 Click a color from the color
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