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Format Objects
Adding Graphics and Drawings
The shape changes color.
7 Click Shape Outline .
8 Click Weight .
A You can change the border color.
B You can change the border style.
9 Click a weight from the menu.
This example changes the weight
of the shape’s border.
PowerPoint applies your changes.
0 Right-click the object.
The shortcut menu appears.
C You can also use the Mini
Toolbar to apply formatting.
! Click Format Shape .
The Format Shape task pane
appears; you can use the task
pane to perform any formatting.
I want every shape that I draw to appear with a
blue fill color. Is there a quick way to do that?
Yes. Draw any shape and then click Shape Fill on
the Drawing Tools Format tab. Click the blue fill
color you want to use. Right-click your shape and
click Set as Default Shape . Shapes you insert will
now appear in blue.
Can I make an object transparent?
Yes. Open the Format Shape task pane, and then
click the Fill icon ( ). Click Fill if that section is
not expanded. If not selected, click Solid Fill
( changes to ). Type a percentage into the
Transparency text box or use the Transparency
slider or spinner (
) to adjust the transparency.
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