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Color with the Eyedropper
Color with the Eyedropper
You can match colors by sampling a color from anything on your slide and then applying it to
anything on the slide that you select. Matching colors is important because color is essential
to the look and feel of your presentation. Determining the color of something in PowerPoint is a
cumbersome task, and if the color is not a standard color, it becomes difficult. The eyedropper allows
you to match colors with a couple of clicks, saving you time. You can sample from anything on your
slide such as the background, text, objects, and even pictures!
Color with the Eyedropper
1 Select the object whose color
you want to change.
2 Click the Drawing Tools
Format tab.
3 Click Shape Fill .
4 Click Eyedropper .
The Eyedropper pointer (
5 Position the Eyedropper
pointer ( ) over the color
you want to sample.
6 Click the object.
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